(An) Amaluna – Ode à la femme

The latest Cirque du Soleil show brings Girl Power back from the 90’s to create a breathtaking spectacle of beauty, femininity and playfulness.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving with some friends to Toronto and to entertain ourselves on the road, we started playing 20 questions. When I got asked what my guilty pleasure was when it came to music, my answer was: “Duh! The Spice Girls!”. What can I say… back when I was 11-12 (and still to this day) I truly believed in the whole girl-power thing. I always knew that men and women could be equally impressive when they put their minds to it. Well, that little teenage girl in me was ecstatic as ever when I got to attend the Cirque du Soleil 32nd production, Amaluna.

This new show, presented at the infamous blue and yellow Big Top in the Old Port, takes you on a journey centered on the theme of women. Amaluna, directed by Diane Paulus, is the first ever Cirque show to feature a cast majorly comprised of female artists (70% to be precise). A total of 52 artists, from 15 countries, speaking 11 different languages took part in this creative piece. Despite how tricky it can be to have such a diverse group of people working together in such symmetry, the Cirque Du Soleil has yet again succeeded in making it a thing of beauty, art really.

I know it’s all about the homage to the woman in this production, but as a girl I can’t avoid the obvious! Romeo, played by Édouard Doye in the Chinese pole number is H-O-T. How spectacular was it to see him climb, only with his hands, up that bar and perform tricks that certainly showcased his muscular strength, and entire love and devotion to Miranda.

On any other given day, my eye would have lingered on the mesmerizing, bare-chested men, but the show had my eye straying from left to right and all over the stage. It was the Amazon girls who truly caught my eye. They were in such control and had so much power, yet did it all with such grace. The costumes that the artists were wearing were sensational and vibrant. They made every stunt seem effortless, with a tinge of sensuality lingering in the air after each pirouette, looking the crowd straight in the eye… flirting with them. It was beautiful to watch, and left me wanting to see more.

It wasn’t only about the way everything looked though, it was the way it was married with a soundtrack that caught your ear with every movement. It was so much more than women playing music, it was a statement. They were gorgeous AND they had rhythm, BAM! Not only did they know how to play music, they knew how to get the crowd to feel as though they were a part of the show, hearing the sounds, but also feeling the vibe.

Cirque Du Soleil has once again found a way to impress me, even though I came in with such high expectations. Bravo Cirque Du Soleil, Bravo! Definitely a well deserved slow clap.

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