An interactive platform adjoining La Vitrine’s cultural calendar, this Blog aims to combine a passion for culture with exchanges of information. The multidisciplinary articles published are intended to reflect Montreal culture in a positive way, to direct readers to new works, to uniqueness, to talented artists. With the help of its expert team of bloggers, collaborators, partners and artists from the Greater Montreal area, Lèche-Vitrine will relay all the news, all the splendour and diversity of the city’s cultural and artistic activities. The various cultural columns will shed light on the world of artists and the mysteries of creativity.


La Vitrine is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of all cultural and artistic activities presented in Greater Montreal. A veritable hub of the cultural industry at its new premises at 2-22, La Vitrine is a both an information centre and a central box office providing discount and regular-priced tickets to local clients and tourists alike. As a promotional organization par excellence, La Vitrine is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructures and technology designed by Moment Factory to promote Montreal’s cultural activities and festivals. With a view to facilitating and increasing access to culture, La Vitrine provides visitors with interactive touch-screen terminals, giant screens and a catalytic multimedia installation—testimony to the convergence of talent and creativity in Montreal. In compiling the city’s most complete cultural calendar, with a detailed program of over 1,350 venues, and offering ticket sales in conjunction with the existing distribution networks, La Vitrine has developed a unique technology that brings together, in real time, the major local box office networks in a single transaction-driven portal (lavitrine.com). La Vitrine also offers consumers the option of downloading a mobile application in augmented reality.


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