(An) Lights… Camera… Empire!

The 1920s have always been fascinating to me. I know the entirety of the movie Chicago by heart. I secretly admire all things burlesque: the sequin, the feathers, the sassiness… Bring me Sally Rand, Mae West, Dita Von Teese; bring me Lavender May! Since it’s dwindling revival in the 1990s, burlesque has been going on strong, for the pleasure of many. As for the modern Montrealer, attending one of those performances is quite an easy task. From Cirque de Boudoir nights, to Monde Osé, to the Festival of Erotic Arts, seduction has always, and to this day, been a fail-proof form of entertainment.

What’s better than mere burlesque performances, however? Well, burlesque circus, of course!


This is what happens when you blend together the art of circus, comedy, vaudeville and burlesque : a show called EMPIRE. As described as somersaulting, slapsticking and stripteasing by the New York Times, Empire is a wonderful combination of hilarity, sensuality and astonishment. After being presented for over 3 years, being on Broadway, then all across the globe, the hit performance is finally touring the Canadian land. From April 21st to June 7th, under the spiegletent on the corner of René-Levesque and Bleury, Empire is available for people over 18 years of age (you have been warned of crude humour). Tickets are available through Evenko.

The Empire cast rallies performers from various nationalities, with acts ranging from roller-skaters, to contortionists, singers, aerials ans much more. These entertainers are taking circus to a whole new level of dazzling. The spectacle is outrageous, visually appealing and reminiscing of the 20s era. It will get you sitting on the edge of your red velvet covered seat, hypnotized by the expertise of the performers, and charmed by the luxurious décor.

Gather your friends and get ready to be transported into a world of breathtaking stunts, witty jokes and sexy dancers.

Empire definitely is the kind of show you want to treat yourself to this spring!




Small town girl wandering between skyscrapers, walking amongst clock-chasing white collars. Yet the only thing that catches my attention in both these worlds...