Nuit blanche à Montréal

(Fr) Nuit blanche à Montréal: 10 activités culturelles gratuites

La Nuit blanche à Montréal, c’est l’occasion de se découvrir un nouveau talent, de voir Montréal sous un angle différent et d’avoir un accès privilégié aux artistes et leurs œuvres.

Pour vivre une nuit des plus mémorables, voici 10 suggestions d’activités culturelles gratuites le 28 février!

1. CIRQUE – Freak Show à la TOHU

Freak show

2. ARTS VISUELS – D’art en art sur le boulevard à la Station 16

3. HUMOUR – La nuit on rit! au Gesù

La nuit on rit!

4. DANSE – Bouge Anyway 2015 à l’Agora de la danse

Bouge Anyway

5. THÉÂTRE – Occupation: Artiste à l’Escalier

6. MUSIQUE – La Nuit Tribe au Centre Phi

La nuit Tribe

7. LITTÉRATURE – Les dix heures de poésie au Verre-Bouteille

8. CINÉMA – Elvis Gratton Picture Show à la Place Émilie-Gamelin

Elvis Gratton Picture Show

9. DESIGN – Coucous la nuit! au Centre de design de l’UQAM

10. JEUX VIDÉO – #PixelsFest à La Vitrine

Venez vous réchauffer à La Vitrine en jouant à des jeux vidéo éclatés créés par Gros Joueurs! Ne manquez pas la zone Télétoon et Télétoon La Nuit avec la «Manette géante avec le jeu Super Mario Bros» et «Mashin’ Castle». Les DJs invités, Noo Bap, CRi et Ouri de Huile Records ainsi que Xyno, XC3N et P0caille de Toy Company, vous feront danser toute la nuit. On vous attend!




September with a little OUMF

You know what they say: all good things must come to an end. August is over. There’s a subtle change in the depth of the weather. Although some days are still awkwardly hot and humid, fall is peeking through in the winds; sometimes you can even smell it. The nights are shyly colder and crisper, school is just around the corner, and in no time we’ll see leaves burst into colors. I apologize for breaking this out to you, but summer’s almost over. No need to frown, however! Montreal, as always, has got your back and has found a way to stretch out summer by a few days, to help us with our grief. From September 4th to 6th, the OUMF festival will shine through and make you relive your best summer days.

OUMF is a festival of emergent arts, taking place at the Quartier des Spectacles on Saint-Denis Street for three days. Artists of all kind, from all around town (and more) will gather their talents and creativity to offer you the most open-minded and heartfelt of all performances. Even you can partake in the activities! Some interactive projects are part of the program, such as OUMF ta rue, which takes place during the whole festival between 5PM and 9PM. The event lets anyone choose between two mediums, gouache and chalk, to transform Saint-Denis into a wonderland of ephemeral works of arts. You are also invited to participate in what I like to call “the most visually satisfying activity of all times”, the Silent Disco. On the 4th and the 5th, at 11PM on the Scène Principale, anyone who’s in for a good time can gather around together, put on headphones and dance like there’s no tomorrow to music only they can hear.


In addition to many other interactive activities, the festival is full of musical performances by artists you already know and love, or that you should get to know and love. You also get to witness dance performances – keep an eye open for those Kif Kif sisters – movie showings, visual entertainments, improvisation matches (the LNI will be on from 5PM to 7PM on Thursday the 4th at the Grande Bibliothèque) and many more. It is such a wonder to have all of this art vibrate so widely and so freely; it’s a delight to think about how many faces OUMF is going to bring a smile upon.

Do yourself a favor, go take a careful look at the program schedule, and let your senses be tickled and stimulated before the cold takes over. There will be plenty of time to stay inside and cozy up in your pajamas; now is the time to enjoy the last stretch of life summer has to give and be part of this wonderful gathering of talents and creativity.



Sortez votre maman!

La fête des Mères est l’occasion parfaite d’inviter votre maman à faire une sortie culturelle en votre compagnie. Nous avons parcouru notre calendrier à la recherche de suggestions originales pour ce weekend selon différents types de mères. Lequel correspond à la vôtre?

La ricaneuse

Ladies Night

Ladies Night

L’amoureuse de musique

La passionnée d’arts visuels et numériques

Diagonales de Theodore Ushev et Iregular. Image : Quartier des Spectacles

Diagonales de Theodore Ushev et Iregular. Image : Quartier des Spectacles

L’amatrice de sensations fortes

Kurios © Ben Pelosse. Journal de Montréal. Agence QMI

Kurios © Ben Pelosse. Journal de Montréal. Agence QMI

L’historienne dans l’âme

La romantique

Midsummer © Rolline Laporte

Midsummer © Rolline Laporte

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